Jihl Nabaat Ready to Fight in Final Fantasy XIII-2 This Week

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A brand new coliseum opponent for FINAL FANTASY XIII-2; Jihl Nabaat from FINAL FANTASY XIII is set for download this week. Graduating top of the class, Jihl quickly advanced to become a Lieutenant Colonel of PSICOM (Public Safety and Intelligence Command). She was the cruel and sadistic antagonist that viciously opposed Lightning, and thus makes her the perfect adversary for a coliseum battle. As with all opponents, if you defeat her she may drop a crystal allowing you to recruit her into your group. But it will be far from a walk in the park! 

Jihl Nabaat for Final Fantasy XIII-2

“Opponent: Nabaat” will be available on 13th March for Xbox 360 priced at 240 Microsoft Points, and on 14th March for PlayStation 3 priced at £1.59 / € 1.99 / $3.00.

If that’s not enough, a brand new episode called “Lightning’s Story: Requiem of the Goddess” will be coming soon.


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