Grinsia RPG Released for iPhone

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A family of treasure hunters, whose dream is to get rich overnight, head to a town near where they have heard that an ancient ruin has been uncovered. The ruin is said to be the resting place of the Goddesses who created the world in the RPG Grinsia. They find a chink in the security around the ruin, and slip inside. However, what awaits them inside is not treasure, but one of the Goddesses!grinsia RPG

The Goddess asks them to lend a hand for the sake of the world, which is facing a crisis. Led by the Goddess, the treasure hunters set off on a great adventure to save the world.

Will the family- a misfit bunch of comical characters- really be able to save the world?

Changes between night and day

In the world of Grinsia, there is the concept of night and day, and everything changes depending on the time.

As day turns to night, naturally the graphics become darker, but the monsters also become more fierce, so it’s necessary to take greater care.

There are many other changes, too, between day and night. For example, the soldiers who stand guard during the day go to sleep at night. It’s important to make good use of the changes between day and night in order to progress through the adventure.

Recovery even after complete defeat

The ’grave marker’ system means that even players whose battle skills are not so good need not worry.

Even if the party is completely defeated, by touching the grave marker which is left at the scene of the defeat, it is possible to get back the experience points and gold lost as a result of the defeat.

With this system, there is no need to worry about complete defeat, making the game ideal even for beginners.

In addition, there is a system for moving between towns, which reduces the amount of time spent moving in the field, and makes play even smoother.

Now available on iTunes: RPG Grinsia for $4.99

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