Uncharted Waters Online Gets Major Update with New Booty!

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Uncharted Waters Online just got a big expansion dubbed Vinland. Known for its historical content and methodical, strategic gameplay, Uncharted Waters lets players command a naval fleet as they sail the globe, exploring, trading and conquering. The expansion features two uncharted waters onlinenew areas, introduces a convenient new money-saving feature and brings new ships to the harbor, ready to set sail for North America. Following upon the Tierra Americana Update, players will now be able to travel to Vinland, a land of legend thought to be developed by Vikings, as well as Rome, where players can test their ground battle skills on a revamped fighting system in the Coliseum. A revised banking system will help sailors keep hard-earned plunder safe. Check out Uncharted Waters.
Vinland, Viking Territory of the Past
Vinland has appeared in North America for players to explore and uncover new discoveries -- much research is still being done to uncover facts about this unknown region. Vinland was once known as the “Land of Grapes” and was inhabited by the Vikings of Northern Europe before Admiral Columbus discovered the North American Continent. Adventuring into this uncharted territory will yield great rewards!
When in Rome…
Chapter One of the Tierra Americana expansion had players in Europe exploring Paris and Firenze; newly-discovered Rome will bring with it the legendary Coliseum where players can duke it out in a brand new PVE (player versus environment) mode. This giant arena in the center of Rome introduces a newly renovated ground battle system where one to five players will battle the corresponding number of ferocious NPCs.
New Banking System
Are you losing all your money due to plundering? With the new checking system, you’ll only have to pay a minor service charge to insure that your money is safe from ship wrecks and pirate attacks. Thanks to this new system, you can conveniently keep your treasures safe in the bank!
The Nina, The Pinta and The Santa Maria
New ships have arrived, ready to embark on the North American Sea. The Immigrant Bark, which is similar to the Mayflower design and carried pioneers from Plymouth, England to the new land, is just one of the many new options. Players can also choose from the long schooner or commercial long schooner, complete with six assistant sails. Whatever the vessel, Vinland is only a strong breeze away!

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