Meridian4 Bringing Three Titles to Tablets

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Meridian4 has a good amount of games to choose from when it wants to start moving them to a new platform and they’ve chosen a select few to begin moving into the realm of tablet meridian4 games heading to tabletsgaming.

The first three titles to make the leap onto tablets include Family Vacation, The Secret Legacy - A Kate Brooks Adventure and Post Apocalyptic Mayhem HD, all of which will be available later in the year.

  • Family Vacation – In this hidden-object adventure, Barb has won a spot on The Price is Nice, and it is the player’s job to ensure that she and the family arrive in sunny California content, safe and on time for the show.
  • The Secret Legacy: A Kate Brooks Adventure – Players must help heroine Kate unearth the truth behind her grandmother’s death in this hidden-object adventure game.  Find and collect clues as Kate embarks on a worldwide journey to find elusive treasure and get justice for her grandmother.
  • Post Apocalyptic Mayhem HD – Rubber meets the road in this over-the-top vehicular combat game that contains an assortment of menacing vehicles, each with its own special abilities, attributes and weaponry.  Reach breakneck speeds and wreak havoc on the competition.

They haven’t announced any prices or dates yet but you can bet they’ll be cost effective and sometime soon. After all the summer, sit-in-the-park-with-your-tablet-and-dog season is getting ready to kick off.

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