Star Supremacy Releases Rise of Commanders Update

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A new update patch has been released for Star Supremacy called Rise of Commanders. star supremacy rise of commanders updateThe new patch update includes new tutorial and main tasks, new commander skill system, as well as new trade posts.

Rise of Commanders& J# f4 M% l" j* g+ y

  • Extend the max level of ship reinforcement to level 13. Level 13 Ships have 35% boosts to armor. From level 10, upgrading ships to higher level costs rare resources and dark matters which can be acquired from planet domination wars. Reinforcement failure after level 10 downgrades ships to level 10
  • New tutorial tasks and main tasks.0 B  }  v+ |; p" w, P3 j
  • Purple commanders are available now in Base Control 3 |" i2 @; _6 j) h  w6 ^
  • Add skill system to commander system. Skill books can be gotten from Corsair and planet domination wars.
  • Ships with reinforcement cost maintenance credits per hour. When running out of credits, commanders’ ability to recover power will be disabled.& K2 b* @1 a3 @- `6 V9 u
  • It won’t cost fuels after occupying other’s colony. Instead, it will cost commanders’ power according to the level of missile base and level of lance base in that colony
  • Rewards for winning Dominations wars are abundant, including Dark matter, Gold, Skill book and so on (sent in game mail)
  • Normal resource nodes can only be raided, no capture button on it after this update. Also normal resource nodes have a maximum resource amount and a growth speed.
  • Trade posts Added. Trade posts can only be captured; they are used to establish trade routes to earn credits. Trade routes will be established automatically when trade posts are captured.
  • Commander Skill System added. There are altogether 8 kinds of skills: defense and attack Scrolls for aircrafts, small, large and super ships, classified into 5 grades, C-B-A-S-Z. Players can buy level B from shops.
  • Synthesize systems added. For instance, synthesize 10 grade B scrolls into 1 grade A. Check this function in your inventory interface by clicking scrolls., x" _3 l9 |6 Q& D
  • Some changes on game interface and graphics.
  •   Domination War for Planet Jacot is opened.
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