The Slumbering Tsar Saga Pre-Orders Open

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Years in the making, Slumbering Tsar, the magnum opus of fan favorite adventure writer Greg Vaughan is finally available in its entirety from Frog God Games!The Slumbering Tsar Saga

Beyond the Desolation lies the pitted walls of Tsar. Hundred of armies have ground themselves into dust, and not even the combined might of mortals and the Heavens could weaken it. On the eve of victory, the city was abandoned, its inhabitants nowhere to be found. Deep in the heart of this Temple-City to one of the most vile demon lords ever to terrorize and ensnare mortal minds lies the Black Gates. The blasted lands around the Gates seethe with echoes of the foul magic wrought here, and legions of brave warriors, good souls all, have fallen here, killed by unspeakable creatures drawn up from the Abyss.

Originally released in fourteen individual modules, the Slumbering Tsar Saga has finally been collected into the largest roleplaying game book ever published. Over 1,000 pages, replete with classic adventure themes like wilderness exploration, dungeon crawls, and mystery solving, this is the campaign where Good takes the battle to Evil, and will take you from an adventurer jumping at the shadows to a battle-hardened veteran—all the way to 20th level! Fifteen chapters await to be challenged by only the strongest heroes—that’s right, only in the hardcover compilation will you receive the last and final chapter of the Slumbering Tsar!

A 10,000 year old legacy and a vow by the Demon Prince of the Undead to overrun the world stands against you—will you fight against his forces, or will you cower in fear? Preorder the  one-of-a-kind adventure written by one of the best writers in the industry now and save $25—AND get all fourteen of the individual Slumbering Tsar adventure PDFs!

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