Car Town Users Ready to Experience the Thrill of Ferrari

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 Cie Games announced that The Ferrari Experience is now available in Car Town.

In Car Town, Ferrari real-world benefits are simulated to give players the thrill and experience of owning a Ferrari. Players can purchase a Ferrari, access iconic locations and take a Ferrari experience in car town openstest-drive on the ultra-private Fiorano Circuit.

For the first time in a game, Car Town has recreated a virtual version of the Ferrari ownership program and reveals how and where the Ferrari prestigious line of cars bearing the Cavalino Rampante badge are born. As a Ferrari owner, players are granted exclusive access and can visit the Ferrari headquarters in Maranello, Italy, stop by the Atelier Showroom and participate in the Ferrari Classiche restoration program. The new experience features more than 20 coveted Ferrari vehicles, including the 1969 Ferrari Dino 246 GT, 1968 365 GTB/4 Daytona and 1957 250 GT California. Car Town players can rebuild classic Ferrari cars from the ground up to restore, collect and display in their exotic collection.

The culmination of activities will lead into the final phase launching soon with the unveiling of the Fiorano Circuit and release of the F1 Clienti, allowing Car Town players to virtually experience Ferrari Formula 1. The Fiorano Circuit, owned by Ferrari for development and testing purposes, will allow players to race against their friends to earn trophies and in-game awards through a series of Ferrari branded race challenges.

From car restoration to exclusive access, Car Town players can now immerse themselves in The Ferrari Experience, all while taking virtual advantage of exclusive perks only available to Ferrari owners. Just as in real-life, Ferrari ownership in Car Town is exclusive and not accessible to everyone. The rarest of the Ferraris will be priced between $10 – $100 real world US dollars each. Still, thousands will pay for these virtual Ferraris to get a taste of the Ferrari ownership experience.

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