Closed Beta Begins for Operation CrossCounter

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The makers of Buddy Rush are back with a totally different game, Operation CrossCounter, an online action RPG that will work on iOS, Android and the web. the characters of operation crosscounter

peration CrossCounter, an Online Action RPG  featuring real-time, cross-platform gameplay across iOS, Android, and web browsers. With friends, or AI-controlled characters, players fight for the futurein as customized characters in a 3D, sci-fi universe, embarking on missions to combat a robot invasion.

Key Features of Operation CrossCounter

  • Sollmo’s follow-up to the award-winning cross-platform RPG, Buddy Rush

  • Operation CrossCounter features real-time, cooperative online Action RPG gameplay  (whew, adjectives!) in which players defend the universe from invading machines (any similarity with Reapers unintended)

  • Sign-ups for the iOS Closed Beta Test will be accepted starting tomorrow. Readers can visit to sign up. 

  • Planned for release on iOS April 26, with other platforms following at later dates


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