Bard`s Tale 2 Joins iOS Bard`s Tale in New Update

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inXile Entertainment confirmed The Bard’s Tale iOS has received a free update to ensure
compatibility with the new iPad, including Retina Display support (to 1536x1152). The update also includes both the original PC versions of Bard’s Tale 1 and 2. The original Bard’s Tale series was a #1 hit and has been inducted into the Hall of Fame for both Gamespy and Computer Gaming World. In addition, Bard’s Tale 3 has just recently been entered into the Smithsonian for its Art of Video Games exhibit.

The modern day version of the game was released to critical success in late 2004 and was recently released for iOS where it became the #1 RPG in 63 countries with an average customer rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. In addition, the updated The Bard’s Tale iOS will be available for two weeks at a sales price of $1.99.

Bard`s Tale 2

"We originally were going to space the original Bard’s Tale releases one month apart but we decided to move up the release of Bard’s Tale 2 at the same time we were addressing compatibility issues with the new iPad," said Brian Fargo, of inXile Entertainment. "We didn’t want to make the users do another update in just 2 more weeks so it made sense to combine both of these elements into one release."

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