Blacklight Retribution Flips On Switch, Lets in the World Officially

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Perfect World Entertainment Inc. today announced the official release of Blacklight: Retribution. The premiere first-person shooter has completed its extremely successful beta testing and is now a live free-to-play game. Blacklight retribution launches

Building upon Zombie Studios’ predecessor, Tango Down, Blacklight: Retribution provides FPS enthusiasts with a new standard for free-to-play games by fully utilizing Unreal 3 technology and implementing Direct X 11 to provide cutting-edge graphics and gameplay. Anyone can download and begin playing Blacklight: Retribution by visiting:

Various in-game achievements made throughout the beta period:

  • 14 Million Minutes Played
  • 280 Million Shots Fired
  • 13 Million Agents K.I.A.
  • 494 Million Combat Points Spent
  • 21 Million GP Earned
  • 1.3 Million Headshots
  • 300,000 Melee Kills
  • 255639 Flags Capped
  • 40 Countries Represented

 "The Blacklight launch is a great achievement and testament to all the hard work from the passionate and talented people at Zombie Studios and Perfect World Entertainment," said Kelly Dickinson, Product Manager, Perfect World Entertainment. "Even though it’s free, Blacklight is a technologically advanced, polished, fast-paced first-person shooter with production values that compete with the best the genre has to offer and we are very proud of it."

Blacklight: Retribution fans can expect to strap on their combat helmets tighter than ever before with two upcoming game modes and supporting maps going live shortly after launch.

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