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EcoFish is a unique arcade experience tailored for touch screens. It is a new take on a classic yet almost forgotten concept that feels refreshingly new. It’s an innovative way of approaching the old EcoFishconcept of drawing off portions of the screen, making for a very enjoyable arcade experience with a pinch of puzzle mixed in for good taste.

In EcoFish you take the role of a small fish that has to clean the ocean from an oil spill which has polluted the waters and driven his little buddies into maniacs. He’ll have to avoid his crazy friends as well as other dangers that lay around the depths of the ocean.

The game is now available on the App Store for $1.99 and it will reach other platforms soon. It’s planned for a release in Android and Windows Phone 7 in late April or early May, and other platforms may follow after that.

To download click: EcoFish

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