The Lord of the Rings Online Double Bonus Point Week

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The Lord of the Ring Online store is offering double bonus points now until April 12th.

The Point Bundles advertised on this page apply only to point purchases made in the LOTRO Store and reflect what is currently available for purchase in the LOTRO Store. These standard Point Bundles and pricing are subject to change.


lord of the rings double bonus points weekend


On top of that there are also some special sales in the store each weekend in April. This weekend, through April 8th the the LOTRO store offers the following:


Trait Slots

Customize and make your character more powerful by unlocking additional Virtue, Class, Race or Legendary Trait Slots to use with your virtues, traits, and legendary abilities.

Character → Character Upgrades → Trait Slots






Tomes Of Vitality

Trolls pounding you into submission? Friends defeated because you can’t heal them fast enough? Then it may be time to upgrade your character’s Vitality stats!

- Raise your maximum morale
- Speed up morale regeneration between battles 
- Resist Wound, Fear, Disease, and Poison debuff effects 
- Decrease incoming Fire, Frost, Lightning, Acid & Shadow damage
- Recommended for: All Classes

Character → Stats






Legacy Tier Upgrade

Upgrade the Tier of any Legacy on a Legendary Item with this scroll!

Goods & Services → Legendary Items → Scrolls




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