G5 New Releases for Android, iOS and Kindle: Virtual City 2, Royal Trouble and an Update for Letters for Nowhere

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The long awaited sequel to Sim City-like Virtual City, Virtual City 2: Paradise Resort for Android and Kindle Fire is already live. The official launch of the game is on Thursday, April 12. With new G5 games on android, kindle and iOSmillions of players enjoying this strategy adventure on all key platforms, Virtual City 2 is a new undoubted favorite among city-building game fans. In Virtual City 2: Paradise Resort, you’ll get to expand your activities to the shining coast of Florida, the snowy lands of Alaska, the rocky mountains of Utah and the arid tundra of Nevada. Complete 4 challenging locations with unique missions while fulfilling special goals like launching a Casino, building a Ski Resort and constructing an Ice Hotel. Offices and hotels, restaurants and clubs, museums and fitness centers – access the widest selection of buildings to make your very own Virtual City unique and prosperous.

Royal Trouble (iOS) will be released in full version this week, after its initial launch as a free app (with IAP). In this wonderful adventure quest you help two bickering young royals, Prince Nathaniel and Princess Loreen, escape from their kidnappers. Search through the castle for exits and avoid being caught. Find suitable items to help solve puzzles, and play outstanding mini-games in search of answers. Solve the mystery of royal heirs’ captivity, and watch love blossom in this charming adventure game with fun twists and turns. This one is perfect for the whole family.

Also, this Thursday there will be an update for Letters from Nowhere (iOS). The update features Unlimited Mode and Asian languages support. The Unlimited Mode lets you go back to each location and find three times more hidden objects.

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