Gratuitous Tank Battles Gets a Gratuitous Update

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Since it’s initial release to pre-order customers, Positech Game’s latest strategy title ’Gratuitous Tank Battles’ has received a whole host of updates and improvements. GTB’s unusual and dare we say ’original’ twist on the Tower Defense / Real Time Strategy / GTB updated to 1.05Management genres has been tweaked more times than the D-Day landings plan.

GTB is now at version 1.05, but you need not worry about patches if you are yet to buy the game, because every copy comes pre-patched to the very latest version, and an in-built auto-patching system means you never need check for an update, as they are downloaded automatically.

Gratuitous Tank Battles plays like a tower defense game where you can both attack and defend, and even record your attacks as fodder for you to fight against as defender. Throw in the built-in map-editor, online map-sharing and challenge system, plus the fact the game has adaptive-AI and lets you design the configuration and appearance of every single unit in the game, and we think it’s a big shot in the arm and kick up the backside to the whole TD/RTS genre.

You can pre-order the game now, and start playing immediately, safe in the knowledge you will get an optional free steam-key when the game is finally on release.

Recent improvements to the game include 3 extra campaign maps, a new ’divisions’ feature for organising your designs into groups, numerous bug fixes, over 80 UI improvements, tweaks and balance adjustments plus improved performance and stability.

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