Fiesta Online Resurrects Malephar and Helga

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Long time players of Fiesta Online will recall that Malephar and Helga were two of the most Malephar returnsfearsome foes to ever step foot in the game. This devastating twosome has been resurrected into newer, darker forms and now they’re out for vengeance. These 2 new Hell Mode bosses are ready to put players’ level 95-110 through the fight of their lives. They’ve brought with them 2 new maps and 4 new quests that promise to put all comers to the test. Not to mention that both new Hell Mode bosses will have new mobs, new items, new music and new sound effects to go along with the new challenges that await.

Each newly-resurrected foe poses a threat big enough that current players may need to enlist the help of long-absent veterans. To aid in the fight, we’re welcoming all old-school players of Fiesta Online back into the fold in a big way. We have also started an attendance event on the 2nd of April which rewards players who login for at least 1 hour during at least 7 consecutive days. We have also reworked the play guide to  contain more detailed insight for players of all levels. Now everyone from the absent veterans to those who’ve only recently joined up can get in and around the game with greater knowledge than ever before.

Helga returns

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