New Diamond Server Now Available For Eden Eternal

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Aeria Games has launched an all-new server for its vastly popular MMORPG, Eden Eternal. Eden EternalKnown as the Diamond server, the new server will allow even more players to join its already monstrous user base.

All players logging in to the Diamond server through Friday, May 11th, will be eligible to receive hard-to-find item rewards. Players who reach level 40 within the specified time will receive a Sabretooth mount to snarl fear into the hearts of their enemies, as well as a 5-slot Pack expansion so their backpack can carry even more sweet loot. Players who attain level 65 will receive an ultra-rare Abracapaca pet — a pocket-sized alpaca guaranteed to make you squee. Additionally, the first 50 players to reach level 65 will receive a Nightshade Scythe (Prime), a jagged, cursed costume weapon which will not only make enemies soil themselves, but will also greatly increase the user’s stats. Guilds can even join in on the hot-treasure-on-treasure-action, with all guild members receiving rewards for each milestone the guild successfully reaches.

The Diamond server launch also marks the merge of three existing servers into the Sapphire server. While allowing for increased security, the merge will also provide players with more events to join. Feature-focus events running across both servers will offer players on the current server the chance to win the aforementioned items and much more.

Published by Aeria Games, Eden Eternal is free to download on the PC and free-to-play. Gamers can learn more and play Eden Eternal by visiting

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