Pathfinder Player Companion: Blood of Fiends Out Now

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Visibly tainted, despised, maligned, and misunderstood, tieflings finally get their due in Pathfinder Player Companion: Blood of Fiends! The blood of the denizens of the Outer Paizo Pathfinder Blood of FiendsPlanes—daemons, demons, and devils are just a start—can lie dormant in a family for generations, suddenly emerging to horrific life when a child is born with horn nubs, claws, or a barbed tail. With variant tiefling abilities to replace their darkness spell-like ability, you might have a tiefling that can cast illusions, speak to insects, animate objects and the dead, or even appear entirely human. In this book, you’ll get a breakdown of the many different kinds of tieflings, including new racial traits, ability score modifiers, and skill bonuses, but also how they fit into the lands of Golarion’s Inner Sea region (as well as the land s of Tian Xia). A tiefling in Absalom might have a chance at something resembling normal life, but in Cheliax or Jalmeray, a tiefling is a second-class citizen at best.

Not all tieflings succumb to the call of their tainted blood, though, and Blood of Fiends gives several examples of how a tiefling might approach a character class. Despite how animals might fear their fiendish heritage, a tiefling druid can champion the wild places of the world just as any other druid, though some embrace the darker side of nature, reveling in rot and decay. Some tieflings seize upon the path of redemption, taking the long hard road of a paladin, knowing that there are those that would be quick to point out faults. In addition, there are a few infamous tieflings that a young tiefling might look up to, such as the Calistrian priestess and crime boss Shorafa Pamodae or noted bodyguard Radovan Virholt! Even if you don’t play a tiefling, there are new options for characters in Blood of Fiends. Three new subdomains (Entropy, Fear, and Tyranny) for cl erics that shy towards darker deities and philosophies, as well as new oracle curses, inquisitions, bard masterpieces, and the daemon bloodline!

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