StarDrone Extreme Level Skip DLC Goes Free

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Beatshapers have changed the price of the Level Skip DLC, which allowed StarDrone Extreme players to skip an unlimited number of levels, from 99 cents to free. Along with the price Stardronechange came an apology from the company stating "everyone makes mistakes sometimes" and so they worked with Sony Computer Entertainment to make the DLC free.

It wouldn’t have been an issue, except that the game is rather difficult and challenging. Charging gamers a buck so they can move past a level to continue playing is, at its core, what is wrong with gaming these days - constantly sucking money out of gamer pockets for features that should be included in a core release.

Beatshapers saw the error and fixed it, good on them for that.

They also mentioned a pricing change to the game:

StarDrone PS3 version now matches PS Vita version price: 3.19 GBP / 3.99 EUR. Update in the North American PlayStation Store is in negotiation and should be updated in the coming days.

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