Seven Souls Online Patch 1.1 Brings Higher Level Cap, New Content

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Seven Souls Online latest patch, to version 1.1, brings some new features including a significantly higher level cap, powerful new weapons and armor, and brand new dungeons and bosses with high-level loot as well as the Lineage of the Sky tournament, where guilds Seven souls patch 1.1 brings stuff with itcan compete in player-versus-player (PvP) battles for unique rewards. Anyone can join the blood-soaked battlefields of Seven Souls Online by registering for free on the official website.

The new content in the 1.1 patch for Seven Souls Online includes:

  • Raised Level Cap: Power rules the world of Akkadia, and adventurers can now raise the level of their characters by 10 to a maximum of 50. New high level armor and weapons are available to match the new character levels.
  • Western Mikan Plains Zone: All new questing areas await Akkadian warriors in the massive plain region of Western Mikan. Split into North, Central, East and Southwestern regions, players also can visit the Lotus Palace for new quests, new NPCs and to trade new loot.
  • Kumiho Zone Boss: In the North parts of Western Mikan, the demon fox Kumiho rules the land. Carrying epic loot and a chance for a unique Book of Lost Souls card, a group of level 50 players will need a lot of skill and a lot of luck to bring down the terrifying Kumiho.
  • Hall of Resurrection Dungeon: For players level 39-43, the Hall of Resurrection provides a unique challenge for players to protect the sanctity of Netherworld by completing the complex dungeon maze beneath the shrine. Vanquishing the enemies and restoring the sanctity of the hall will earn brave players new high-powered gear.
  • Purgatorium Dungeon: Found in the Western Mikan Plain Zone, Purgatorium provides an infernal challenge for players 45 and up. As a beautiful garden corrupted by evil, the fiery underworld will pit players against Calamity, a fire-horned worg to complete the dungeon and reap the fantastic loot found in the depths of Akkadia.

Punctuating the new content is the Lineage of the Sky guild PvP tournament. With battles ranging from 4 vs. 4 to 20 vs. 20 players and several different victory conditions, guilds must organize and mobilize to win glory, gold and unique guild titles with their own buffs. 

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