PlanetSide 2 Lightning Tank Intel

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Sony Online released new info on the Naniteplanetside 2 lightning tank Systems vehicle, Lightning. This light weight 75mm tank is designed to take advantage of a war without death, and intel shows it is quick, requires few resources to obtain and only needs a one man crew. Here’s the breakdown of the vehicle; study and be ready to use in battle.

  • Capable of firing up to six rounds in under three seconds, allowing the driver to quickly adjust their aim after their first shot

  • Designed to have a modular turret that can be completely swapped out for other turrets types

  • Its "Skyguard" turret is the most effective ground-to-air weapon on the battlefield, as it’s fitted with 40mm cannons with an elevation range of 80 degrees

  • Fastest ground vehicle, besides the quad, making it difficult to out run it  

The only weakness the tank seems to have is that it cannot survive a direct confrontation against a main battle tank -- prepare to exploit this in combat.

The Lightning tank will be available to all three factions. For more information on the cannon, visit:

Check out the latest screens on the Lightning tank:

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