MicroVolts Gets a Maypole and More

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Rock Hippo Productions Ltd. announced today the launch of its new Maypole Challenge update, for its cartoon style third-person shooter, MicroVolts.  In this new spring update, MicroVolters worldwide will battle it out together to complete particular goals to unlock Microvolts gets a jolt of new stuffexclusive prizes that will benefit the entire MicroVolts community.  To check out all the challenges the MicroVolts team has set up, players can visit www.MicroVolts.com and join the battle!

The latest Maypole Challenge update will have MicroVolters battling it out for a bevy of cool prizes through elimination matches, zombie infections and so much more.  Up for grabs is an ultra-rare Gold Rifle and Silver Katana, and for the ultimate grand prize, players will receive a Triple MP and EXP Weekend and never-before-seen Hippo-So-Cool Costume Set! 

Players can rack up kills in fresh new gear with all-new weapons, parts and accessories.  Knox is celebrating the MLB season in his "2-Spot" catcher’s uniform and there’s no doubt he’ll be dodging those baseballs flying out from new "Sluggergun" gatling guns!  Naomi and C.H.I.P. both pay tribute to Japanese culture in their "Ceremonial" costume and "Gozen" Samurai costume sets.  Not to be outshined, Pandora is marching in on the battlefield in a rather risqué "Spicy Unmentionables" costume set that leaves little to the imagination!

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