Red Baron’s Revenge Is Now Available for iOS

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Unstoppable independent developer, EnsenaSoft, is proud to announce their newest game for the Apple iPhone, Apple iPod touch, and the Apple iPad. ‘Red Baron’s Revenge’ is a Red Baron’s RevengeWWI-inspired action game suitable for all ages and experience levels, and your mission objective, should you choose to accept the task, is to help the allied troops return safely from battle! But caution is critical as the Red Baron lurks in the sky, and he will not hesitate to swipe down for some sweet revenge! Battle your way through the map with 10 different airports to command in this fun new twist on the line-drawing genre!

Allied aircraft are returning from the field, and you need to help them land by touching them, and safely guiding them to landing spots. 100 points are awarded for landing planes, and 75 points are awarded for landing blimps. Stars can be achieved by collecting more than 1000 points. As part of your command you also need to feed the hungry and weary troops; blow up cows (yes, COWS!) to make hamburgers by double-tapping a blimp when it is over a cow, and cows too, are worth points. On occasion, when the going gets tough, the Red Baron will try to get you! Take him down for an additional 500 points, and don’t forget: good tactics can save even the worst strategy, and bad tactics will destroy even the best strategy!

With its highly intuitive controls, addicting gameplay, and beautifully rendered visuals, ‘Red Baron’s Revenge’ will have you coming back for more! Only the most skilled and tactical Airport Commanders stand a chance in this gem of a download.

‘Red Baron’s Revenge’ is available on the App Store from here.

Additionally, the developer has also released a LITE / FREE version of the game, which is available on the App Store from here.


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