Xbox Live on Windows Phone New Releases and Deal of the Week

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New Release: PAC-MAN Kart Rally


The race is on! Head for the finish line with PAC-MAN Kart Rally by Namco Bandai! The arcade Xbox Live on Windows Phone icon takes to the open road against his famous Namco Bandai friends, including PAC-MAN! Master the drifting technique to fly around corners and cut off the competition. Watch out for power-ups, bonus items and speed boosts to gain the upper hand. Compete in a garage full of modes that will test your karting skills. See you in the winner’s circle!

Deal of the Week: The Harvest

The Harvest is a science fiction themed Action RPG that takes place on
future Earth, some years after the fallout of a destructive alien
invasion. These aliens, who have been come to be known as The
Harvesters, use humans and animals to create cyborgs: crude
amalgamations of flesh and machinery. Mankind, in the form of the Global
Defence Force is fighting a war against The Harvesters using human
controlled mechanized infantry units!


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