Race 2 the Worlds Contest Announced from VRC Pro Creators

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Race 2 the Worlds (R2tW for short) challenges gamers and r/c VRC Proracers to qualify in the sim for a real R/C World Championship July 2012. The winner flies to the Netherlands, all expenses paid and all materials (car, radio, etc.) provided incl. factory support by an industry partner. The R2tW project is officially sanctioned by IFMAR, the world organization governing this sport.

R2tW represents an epic battle between gamers and r/c racers. The main idea is to find out who is best at this game. R/C racers and PC gamers are two entirely different worlds, but they are both good at remote control; one uses a radio and the other a gamepad. Racers have the radio- and r/c racing experience advantage, but gamers are incredibly adaptive and have invested many hours in developing sharp reflexes, extreme concentration and refined remote control skills. So it’s going to be tight!

This whole contest is also going to be a fantastic eye-opener for many gamers who don’t really know r/c and still think r/c is about toy cars. You simply couldn’t be more wrong. R/C racing has matured into a very serious motor sport with local, national and international competition. It involves high tech model cars: small cars that produce great maneuverability, high top speeds and incredible acceleration on very tight tracks. It’s actually notoriously difficult to get into because of the learning curve. Most racers give up in the first year, but gamers with gaming skills probably have a big advantage when taking on this challenging sport. We’d love the gaming community to show us and perhaps even teach those r/c racers a few lessons.

VRC Pro is based on monthly subscription, but for the occasion of R2tW we have introduced a special R2tW license for a one-off €9,95 specially for gamers. This license gives you a whole year access to a basic set of tracks plus the special R2tW car and the R2tW track which hosts the contest. Until June the 17th people can try to qualify for the top-200 at any time. In the following week there are 2 more elimination rounds to reduce these 200 racers to just 20. These 20 racers will then compete against each other in an epic battle for the top spot. The official R2tW rules can be found here: http://www.race2theworlds.com/rules.aspx

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