New Pathfinder Society Scenarios: The Icebound Outpost, The Sundered Path Out Now

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Whether it’s a Vudran temple or the colossal sphere of rock known as Round Mountain, Pathfinder Society agents will be wishing for a warm fireplace New Pathfinder sociey scenariosin the Grand Lodge of Absalom when they are tasked with exploring the Pathfinder Society’s latest mysteries!

A flash-frozen temple filled with relics of ancient Vudra stand ready to be discovered with "The Icebound Outpost," our latest Pathfinder Society scenario! When Master of Spells Aram Zey summons your Pathfinder Society agent to explore the site, time is not on your side—the Aspis Consortium is already pilfering the holy shrine of Ragdya, the monkey-faced god! Rooting the Aspis out of the temple and preserving it for the Society’s vanaran allies is your main goal, but ancient protective magics still linger here, and they do not discriminate against friend or foe! For 1st to 5th level characters, this scenario is part of the Season 3’s overarching story, the Year of the Ruby Phoenix, taking Pathfinder Society agents out of the Inner Sea to the lands of Tian Xia—and beyond!

For sturdier characters of 7th to 11th level, "The Sundered Path" is the first of The Rats of Round Mountain two-parter! Sent to stop the Aspis Consortium from allying with the ratfolk that dwell in Round Mountain, the PCs will have to outwit (or out-sneak) the guards before they can begin the journey into its depths. Curious creatures await them on the path to the Pagoda of the Rat, and they will demand payment to let the PCs pass them—with blood or with gold.

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