War of Legends Gets Mammoth May Update

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Jagex just recently announced a big new update for their War of Legends, the Flash-based real-time strategy title.

The Mammoth May update, which is the largest War of Legends expansion this year, includes a number of new features, such as a raised level cap for legends, a innovative item marketplace, and new battlegrounds, troops and mounts, all of which will provide an even more compelling experience for players old and new alike.

war of legends city

The headline feature of this update sees a rise of the level cap for each player’s main character. From today, every player’s main legend will now be able to exceed the current level cap by 20 levels, to firmly place these legends as the most powerful in game.

As an added incentive for players to level up, this update also allows users to put their spoils of war to good use!  With the introduction of a new item marketplace, players will be able trade their item drops and legends for WolCash, the War of Legends in-game currency, with others for the first time.

In addition, the Mammoth May update sees the introduction of four new locations for player to visit and do battle. Plus the chance to receive even greater rewards, build stronger armies with the addition of new mounts for the Legends, and make your empire shine brighter with increased level caps for buildings. If that wasn’t enough, there will also be a series of smaller updates including more in-game titles, new troop types and new legends with increased ability, meaning that whatever your level, there will something for everyone in this epic expansion.

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