New Knife Touchdown Game Mode Available for Sudden Attack

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The Season of Slaughter continues with May-hem in “Sudden Attack.” With the recent introduction of Knife Touchdown mode, fans of Nexon America’s anything-goes first-person shooter will get toSudden Attack experience the most frenetic game mode yet.

A modified, faster and crazier version of the Touchdown mode, Knife Touchdown is football meets melee attack jacked up on stimulants. At the beginning of each match between one and eight players on each team will make a mad scramble for the “ball” in the center of the arena. Teams must then carry or pass the ball to get it across the opposing goal. Everyone will be equipped with melee weapons only, making for a fast, furious and bloody ball game.

To make the games go blazingly fast, rounds will last only two and a half minutes, and the regular respawn time is cut in half to just five seconds with no invincibility period. To ensure the ball carriers remain vulnerable, they will also be hit with a movement speed penalty.

For more information about the “Sudden Attack” Knife Touchdown content update and to jump in to experience the Mayhem yourself, visit:

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