Sorcery to be First Pre-Load PSN Title, More on the Way

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Sorcery, the upcoming Playstation Move-compatible action/adventure title from SCEA Santa Monica Studio and The Workshop will be the first game available through the Playstation sorcery for PSN pre-loadNetwork that will allow for pre-loading. For those that pre-buy, the game will download to the hard drive of your Playstation 3 and there wait for launch day/time when it will then be unlocked and instantly ready to play.

Those of you who are PC gamers know how this works as it’s available on Steam. Clearly this is a plan by Sony to help improve digitally delivered game sales. Having to wait on launch day for several gigabytes of data to download is no fun and now they’re eliminating that wait. Good job Sony! Since the game is a physical, Blu-Ray release dropping next week, it seems that this is a way for them to offer those games without the disc now.

About Sorcery

A young apprentice must use his newly acquired magic skills on his travels deep into the heart of the Faerie Kingdom.

  • Save your people by defeating monsters, finding exotic treasure and ultimately vanquishing the Nightmare Queen.
  • Conjure up spells and drink potions as the PlayStation Move motion controller mirrors your actual movements in-game.
  • Battle through five unique realms and defeat countless enemies to improve your character and items.
  • Discover side quests and adventures throughout the Faerie Kingdom – confront the Banshee and the Restless Dead warriors, raid the Slumbering Palace to rescue Lord Fey or simply embark on missions for local townsfolk.
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