Steam Updates and Releases 17 May 2012

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Nuclear Dawn Update Released

Nuclear Dawn Update 6.3Steam Updates and Releases 17 May 2012
New Features

  • Increased rank cap from 60 to 80. Rank is based on xp, so some players may already be higher than 60.

  • Added new team-based gizmos for levels 65, 70, 75, and 80. Whole team gets effect of highest level one equipped by any player on team.

  • Added all new loading screen to show map overview, server info, loading progress, and game tips.

  • Added squad-only voice chat (default B).

  • Added ability for commander to spectate a troop.

  • Added support for player sprays (can disable serverside with "sv_allowsprays 0" or clientside on Options -> Other ).

  • Added new particle effects for medpacks, ammo packs, radar kits, and players with Nano Skin active.

  • Added beta support for Source TV ( most things from here apply, ).

Other enhancements

  • Transport Gate teleport menu now auto-closed after teleporting (can be changed in Options -> Other)

  • Scoreboard now shows above other hud elements.

  • Added bots column to server browser.

  • Added ach_headshot_progress client command to show detailed progress toward Headshot achievement.

  • Added an error message (rather than silent failure) to show when server connection failed due to server being VAC-secured with insecure client.

  • Removed cheat flag from server spawn time convars Tag with Play Now penalty will be applied if changed.

  • Many engine stability fixes.

  • Unlocked client viewmodel_fov convar.

  • Updated localizations.

Balance Changes

  • Added radarkit to Stealth Sniper kit.

  • Adjusted damage dropoff factors for all weapons.

  • Capped max resources at 250,000 to prevent issues when it gets too high.

Other Fixes

  • Fixed rare occurence where player could be only half-spawned, unable to move.

  • Fixed team selection panel showing at round start while spectating.

  • Fixed issue where medpack would sometimes show clipping into view when spectating a Support player.

  • Fixed some keys getting stuck in commander mode.

  • Fixed "retry" client console command.

  • Fixed rare grenade-related server crash.

  • Fixed a rare listen server crash related to player stats.

  • Fixed bots not showing in player counts on in-game status command and server queries.

  • Fixed potential gizmo exploit.

  • Cleaned up and fixed many console messages and errors.


  • Fixed getting stuck at primary point.

  • Fixed getting stuck on a corner of a building near the broken glass walkway.

  • Fixed plants sticking through floor near CT base.


  • Fixed getting stuck at primary point.

  • Added additional no-build areas to avoid structure deployment inside buildings.


  • Fixed able to deploy structures inside a pallet stack near Primary area.

  • Fixed floating secondary point near EMP Base.

  • Adjusted a few no-build areas.

  • Removed the roof near the EMP base to make it easier to deploy structures.

  • Adjusted secondary area near EMP to make more space for placing structures.

  • Additional optimisation pass due the adjusted secondary area.

  • Converted a physic prop to a multiplayer physic to improve performance.

  • Fixed a few small issues throughout the map.

Known issues

  • In-hand weapon model is not drawn in first-person spectate in Source TV.

Now Available - Moon Breakers

Free to Play - Moon Breakers is now available on Steam!

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Also available are the Rookie Bundle, the Flyboy Bundle and the Big Cheese Bundle. Increase your Cred immediately with any of these bundles at prices lower than the in game store!


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Now Available - Gratuitous Tank Battles, 10% off!

Gratuitous Tank Battles is Now Available on Steam and 10% off until 10AM PST Thursday, May 24th.

Gratuitous Tank Battles is a unique hybrid of tower-defense, strategy, simulation and RTS. Set in an alternate history timeline where World War I never ends, you are the commander of allied forces fighting right up to the year 2114, where Mechs and lasers are used alongside tanks and rifles. The war continues across Europe, with the allied commanders still locked into the optimistic patriotism of the 1900s.


Dota 2 Test Build Update - May 16, 2012


  • Enabled Treant Protector!

  • Ancient Apparition: Fixed Ethereal and Guardian Angel blocking Ice Blast’s shatter

  • Batrider: Fixed bug with refreshing old stacks of Napalm after upgrading the ability.

  • Beastmaster: Fixed Inner Beast not affecting siege units.

  • Chen: Fixed Holy Persuasion working on Spirit Bear.

  • Dazzle: Fixed Shadow Wave not doing its damage around the aoe of the last target.

  • Doom: Fixed Sphere working under Doom (Sphere will still block Doom).

  • Drow: Fixed Trueshot Aura not affecting siege units.

  • Lich: Fixed timing on Chain Frost ministun.

  • Lone Druid: Fixed Entangle affecting wards.

  • Lone Druid: Fixed Battle Cry not affecting other units he owns.

  • Outworld Destroyer: Fixed Arcane Orb against wards.

  • Puck: Fixed being able to cast Phase Shift while rooted.

  • Pudge: Fixed Meat Hook interrupting channeling spells if the target is magic immune

  • Riki: Fixed being unable to cast for a brief moment after using Blink Strike.

  • Spirit Breaker: Fixed Charge of Darkness not getting interrupted by ensnares.

  • Fixed all heroes having 1 armor more than inteded.

  • Fixed Medallion of Courage interaction with Magic Immune units.

  • Fixed denying an allied Necronomicon unit causing Last Will to hurt you.

  • Fixed dying to Neutrals ending your kill streak counter.


  • You can now ping runes to let your teammates know which type it is.

  • Tranquil boots now update movement speed and armor on the HUD when broken.

  • You can now click on player names in the waiting for players dialog to go to their Steam or Dota 2 profiles.

  • For units with lifetime (wards, illusions), the XP bar is now used to show lifetime remaining.


  • Added a new player-only aegis post-death effect.

  • Fixed some spells not obeying the "no screen shake" setting.

  • Added healing overhead messages for Mek, Chen, Lifestealer, Necrolyte, and Witch Doctor.

  • Added bonus damage overhead message for Lifestealer’s Feast.

  • Gave Death Prophet’s spirits a unique attack effect when hitting buildings.


  • Added additional dialog for Earthshaker, Pudge, Storm Spirit, Shadow Fiend, and Doombringer.


  • Bots on medium difficulty or below will no longer try to interrupt channels.

  • When doing Rosh, bots will no longer wait for their optimal tank. Now they’ll start attacking when more than one hero has arrived, and will use the best tank of the heroes present.

  • Bots will no longer consider damage from passives as an indication that a human is intending to attack-to-kill.

  • Fixed bug where bots wouldn’t use the courier if all their stash was empty (even if they had items on the courier).

  • Bots will be slightly more aggressive about using couriers that are carrying their items.


ORION: Dino Beatdown Update Released

SUBJECT: Version 1.1b HotFix LIVE!
We just wrapped up a quick hotfix to address some main issues that we wanted to get live for the weekend. It’s another quick hotfix (1.1b) to hold you guys over as e crank away on the big Version 1.2 which will be incorporating not only new things but addressing a whole slew of other aspects using both fan and developer feedback.


DEDICATED SERVER FILES - 1.1a - 1.1b (PATCH - 17.6mb)

• 01 - Added Device: OSOR Teleporter. Used for Stuck Prevention.
• 02 - Added Filtering / Sorting to the Server Browser.
• 03 - Added potential quick-fix for joining games as a spectator (bug)
• 04 - Added potential quick-fix for Wave getting stuck and not progressing.
• 05 - Improved Rham grab by making them drop you less frequently under the world.
• 06 - Reduced the numbers of Dinosaurs in a wave (slightly - scaled by difficulty & player count).
• 07 - Mechs can now be healed.
• 08 - Fixed achievements that were not being triggered properly.
• 09 - Hitting raptors in a vehicle slows you down slightly.
• 10 - Increased Hoverbike turbo speed by 2X.
• 11 - Fixed issues where some keys were not being bound in the Options.
• 12 - Vehicle mini gun audio now replicated properly.
• 13 - Disabled logging to increase performance.


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