AM2 Announces Initial Console Game Tournaments

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No anime convention would be complete without competitive and interactive video games.   AM²  is no exception to this.  Are you a tough enough to challenge adversaries to these  AM2 con gets console game tourneysgames?  To those elite few, we will be offering various gaming tournaments throughout the weekend at the Console Game Room sponsored by SNAKEBYTE USA with games supplied by GAMEFLY. More info and convention registration can be found at <>

Winners will receive amazing prizing provided by SNAKEBYTE USA!


Game                                                     Day
Street Fighter Third Strike                  Friday,            12:00 PM
Cyberbots                                             Friday,             8:00 PM
Gundam Extreme Versus                  Saturday,       12:00 PM
Street Fighter X Tekken                      Saturday,           8:00 PM
Smash Brothers Brawl                       Sunday,           12:00 PM
Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3          Sunday,             8:00 PM

All Tournaments require a valid AM² passport to participate.  Tournament sign-ups will be on-site only.

Open gaming stations will be available to rent throughout the weekend. Attendees are welcome to bring their own consoles for open gameplay. Controllers are available for rent.  A current AM² passport or valid ID is needed for controller and station rentals.

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