Runes of Magic: Chapter V – Fires of Shadowforge June 12

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With Fires of Shadowforge, the fifth chapter of the successful MMORPG Runes of Magic, set to release on June 12, a new race will be introduced to the world of Taborea. The Shadowforge Dwarves, with their homeland in the Kingdom of Taffrock, will begin their adventure in the new starting area, the Yrvandis Hollows. Here players will find the beginner instance, the Outskirts of Taffrock, particularly challenging. 

Yrandis Hollows Map

Taffrock, the subterranean kingdom of the Dwarves, was created long before the Great Banishment and the historic battle between the demons and the peoples of Taborea. However, through a failed experiment, the Dwarves fell in to a prolonged slumber and slipped away into oblivion. Yet, when the royal scouts discovered them, they were awakened to new life, and the grandeur of their once forgotten kingdom unfolded once again. The magnitude of their architecture pays tribute to their ingenuity and craftsmanship, and allows Dwarves to explore five main zones: the central Administration District, the Crafting District in the east, the Arena Quarter in the north, the Trade Quarter in the west, and the Mining District in the south.


In the Outskirts of Taffrock, players find the entrance to the new beginner instance, where they face off against the final boss, Dark Gargoylem. He and his horde of aggressive spirits have entrenched themselves in the lower levels of the old Dwarven halls, and will be the first challenge that players of the new Dwarven race will pit themselves against. 


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