Paizo Releases Pathfinder Module: No Response from Deepmar

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For 8th-level characters, "No Response from Deepmar" will takenew pathfinder module you to the isle of Deepmar. Here, criminals that have run afoul of the Chelish legal system are given a choice: ten years in a mainland prison, or one year of hard labor mining rare spell components in the crystalline depths of Deepmar. Those that choose Deepmar regret the decision, especially as recent events have both prisoners and guards going missing. With no signs of a struggle to explain the missing people, but with animals slain in the fields and strange beasts running rampant in the mines, when night falls on Deepmar your party won’t be resting easy. With each mine ominously named after a layer of Nine Hells, the PCs might just be wishing they were there, instead of wondering what might be just around the corner in the darkness!

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