Britzoli Versus Rockfort, Juggernaut Asks Players to Choose

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Leading publisher Mail.RU Games announced today the rediscovery of two thriving cities in their successful Free-to-play role-playing game, Juggernaut.  Warriors of Haradan are preparing to trek to these cities in droves, but be prepared to defend yourself!  Juggernauts can head over to where players can register and play for free.juggernaut

Juggernaut is a world where myths come alive, where the truth can be more fanciful than rumor.  The taverns and marketplaces are abuzz with the most exciting news: explorers of two factions have re-discovered twin cities, Britzoli and Rockfort,  and have called back to the Haradan mainland for assistance in re-taking the capital cities from encroaching forces.

For many difficult months, the cities of Britzoli and Rockfort have been cut off from the rest of Haradan society.  News from the two metropolises hardly ever reach the mainland, and both Arq and Kraen’s fates were uncertain to their followers.  Scouts were sent to find alternative routes to the two cities, and now parties have successfully created new trade routes!

Adventurers are flooding to return to the two capitals, though returning these cities to civilization won’t be without a fight.  Choose a faction by speaking with Captain Roqul or Captain Tribus to begin your adventure.  Both await to ferry warriors across the dangerous seas, and face enemies both on the water and after landing.  Bloody battles await, and decisions must be made: whose side are you on?


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