New Mission Available for The Secret World

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In the past few days, Funcom has introduced a new ARG (Alternate Reality Gaming) to The Secret World community. Following the end of the five week long The Secret War social The Secret Worldexperience, participants were treated to a brand new page inviting them to join a new mission.

On this page, participants can choose to view three videos, one for each secret society that makes up the struggle for power in Funcom’s upcoming MMO The Secret World. Each of these videos lead to a unique puzzle that must be solved by going to ’fake’ websites and piecing together important information. But this puzzle is just the beginning. During the next few weeks participants will be treated to new mysteries, puzzle and an intriguing storyline told through videos and websites.

So far an incredible number of people have joined the ARG. Just a couple of days ago, people started receiving text messages to their cell phones -- some even received phone calls -- with clues on where to go next. Participants are more than just players in this ARG, they’re part of it.

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