Steam Updates and Releases 02 June 2012

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Civilization V is coming to the Steam Workshop!

When Civilization V released nearly 2 years ago, it included a feature that allowed players to browse a list of community-created mods and install them directly inside the game. With the Gods & Kings expansion pack on the horizon, 2K Games and Firaxis Games have decided to go a step further and overhaul the system to use Steam Workshop (and yes, this will be for the base game as well, not just the expansion!)

Keep your eyes on the Steam Workshop for the Civilization V update coming soon!


Sword of the Stars II: Lords of Winter Update Released


Critical fixes:

  • Fixed a node maw related crash.
  • Fixed defense manager placement crash.
  • Fixed platform cost calculation crash.
  • Fixed a station building crash.
  • Fixed the reaction intercept crash.
  • Fixed a turn event related end-of-combat crash.
  • Fixed a Suul’ka and turn event related crash.
  • Fixed economy rating bleed.
  • Fixed client crash after the second round of combat.
  • Fixed issue where the star map UI was not reactivating on new turns

(AKA Black Buttons of Doom).

Other fixes:

  • Fixed some networked combat weapon de-syncs.
  • Projected savings now considers pending ship construction.

Other changes and additions:

  • Added Tumbler weapon.
  • Added Shield Projector.
  • Added Grav Pulsar weapon.
  • Added Grav Cannon.
  • Empires now receive savings for defeating swarmers.
  • New user interface for treaty requests.
  • Classic Race badges added.
  • Variety of text, tooltip, and reference fixes.
  • Improved government summary UI, still accessible via the empire summary screen.


Now Available - Gotham City Imposters DLCs

Four new DLC packs for Gotham City Imposters are Now Available on Steam!


War Inc. Battlezone Update Released

Jun 1, 2012 UPDATE
Torn map has been updated
Achievements in Stats screen now show progress toward unlocking new achievement
You can now pick up weapons that enemies drop when they die
Minimap will now show you your nemesis (person who last killed you) (look for bright red blob under enemy on a map)

Bug fixes:

  • Visual bug when showing achievement: there was blue blurred circle under achievement

  • Fixed game crash when auto rolling to next game

  • You were able to scope above object in TPS mode

  • When entering shooting range you can now shoot immediately

  • Fixed bug with stats not showing proper description in Stats screen

  • Fixed bug when buying attachment it wasn’t auto equipped in UI

  • Fixed RPG reload on equip

  • Fixed options->controls apply button

  • Fixed bug with KD ratio on leaderboard

  • Fixed bad icon for reset KD ratio in store

  • Crash fixes


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