GT Academy 2012 Final Rounds and Registration Info

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Online competition of GT Academy 2012 is quickly coming to a close. Since May 1st, over 900,000 competitors have driven more than 120,000,000 miles and reattempted 125,000,000 times for their chance to become this year’s GT Academy Champion. If you still haven’t started, its not too late, as GT Academy 2012 is still available for free through the PlayStation Store until the end of the competition on June 24th.Twin Ring

With just two weeks left on the clock, the long awaited Rounds 7 and 8 have finally opened, completing the eight-round training program for this year’s GT Academy. For those keeping close tabs on the rumor mill, the infamous “Twin Ring Motegi East Short Course” is making it’s Gran Turismo debut as the final Round 8, Event 5 – Time Trial race.

For the next two weeks, you must take everything you have learned from the eight-round training program and put it on the line for a top lap time. This event is only open from June 11, 2012 to June 24, 2012, so make it count! Only the fastest lap times will be recorded and entered into the national leaderboards, so you must improve your results to move up in rankings. The top 32 players (pending eligibility verification) will be flown to the National Finals in July where they will compete against each other to be one of the 16 finalists.

To be eligible for the top 32 spots and to compete in the National Finals in July, you MUST first register through the National Event Registration Form from now to June 24, 2012. Failure to register before the required deadline will result in disqualification of the National Finals, even if you make it to the top 32 leaderboards.

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