Ikariam Gets New Content, Features and Layout

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Gameforge, Europe’s leading provider of online games, today announced a new content update for its free-to-play browser game, Ikariam. The new update, 0.5.0, will allow players to enjoy the game’s charming and detailed graphics, a brand-new menu design as well as new game features.

In Ikariam, players can colonize a fantasy-filled ancient island, establish flourishing communities, increase riches and resources, and cooperate or fight with neighbors. After an intensive testing phase for the newest content update, Gameforge developers have completely revised Ikariam’s layout; the game’s interface now uses the entire browser window allowing a broad overview of the carefully sculpted buildings, lush nature and a number of new, carefully crafted animations.

Ikariam update

Gameforge also redesigned the various in-game menus, including the research adviser, the help area and the navigation elements on the world map -- which benefit the clarity and game comfort. In addition, towns have been provided with two new building slots and the handling of military and occupied towns has been refined as well.

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