Chillingo Weekly iOS Release Update: Disco Kitten and Eager Beaver

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Another week, another couple titles published by Chillingo on the iOS platforms. This week is all about animals getting their freak on it seems.Chillingo weekly update

Disco Kitten
A unique blend of original artwork and a pumping disco soundtrack come together to make Disco Kitten a truly unique arcade game. Play as Punka, the Disco Kitten, as you collect energy from canisters to feed Bunka, the giant starving cat head. Can you keep up as the pace quickens? Whether you play for hours at a time, or hop in for a quick fix, Disco Kitten is sure to keep you captivated. 

Developer: IJ Software
Price: $.99

Eager Beaver
Edgar is the hardest working beaver in the village, so when something goes wrong and the river threatens his friends, he sets out to stop it. Help Edgar build make-shift dams out of everything from rocks to giant bolts; use special power-ups and watch out for pesky, dam-smashing fish in this fantastic puzzler that’s fun for players of all ages. 

Developer: Gamagio

Price: $.99


In : PC

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