Brawl Busters Gets More Lethal with Latest Update

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Rock Hippo Productions announced today that Brawl Busters, the popular free-to-play multiplayer action-combat game, launched part one of its latest update: Lethal Weapons.  The most recent update brings new weapons, weapon perks, and so much more.  Players can join the online melee and play now at busters update

Blast away the competition with all new weapons and weapon perks.  Boxers can throw powerful punches and bounce opponents with Devil’s Skull metal gloves that are sure to get the job done.  For Firefighters, a new Steam Gun acts as a dynamic flamethrower able to take down the most feared enemy.  Additionally, starting today, weapons will have special perks that give players certain benefits like extra damage and defense. 

New advanced stats per class are now available in the game for the most curious players! You will also be able to check out what all your characters are wearing while in the Match Room. 

Players can also take part in the European Cup 2012 GameDay Challenge and predict the winners of every soccer match.  By supporting their favorite national teams and predicting winners, players can earn valuable Buster Points!

New Weapons:

Devil’s Skull for Boxer are brand-new brawling Gloves that were imported to Mega City from the iron mines of Hell! Bounce your opponents like basketballs and create combos with ease.
Steam Gun for Firefighter is a brand-new weapon that will set your opponents on fire! This flamethrower will torch everything on sight! Turn even the prettiest enemy into a blazing candle!
Weapon Perks:
Each weapon now comes with special perks that give you additional benefits when busting brawls. There are four types of weapon perks: movement speed, item obtain speed, defense against zombies, and attack against players. How will you brawl?
Advanced Stats:
Are you a stats freak who likes to crunch numbers? Satisfy your curiosity with all-new, class-specific, advanced statistics available. From now on when you’re in the Match Room, you can also see what all your characters are wearing and their stats.
Auto Item Stack:
Are you troubled because "My Locker" is getting cramped with duplicate items? Closet management is here. Automatic Item Stack will help to clean up your mess. 
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