Join the Open Beta for Only War, the Warhammer 40,000 Roleplaying Game

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Fantasy Flight Games has invited gamers to take part in the open beta test for Only War, the upcoming Warhammer 40,000 roleplaying game!Only War a Warhammer 40K title

Announced in April, Only War places each player in the role of an Imperial Guardsman, one of the countless billions of hardened conscripts constantly fighting on myriad fronts at the whim of the Adeptus Terra. Your squad might be responsible for guiding an important dignitary through a perilous warzone, or instructed to infiltrate a besieged fort to deliver important intelligence. With missions as varied as the galaxy’s innumerable warfronts, you and your squadmates must often rely on nothing but your own grim determination and your faith in each other.

Available for download through and, the Only War beta provides an abridged, electronic version of the upcoming core rulebook. This 265-page pdf document retains the core experience of Only War, but excludes certain thematic content that will be present in the final game. As part of the beta test, you’ll provide valuable reconnaissance for the war effort as you help us to craft the best possible product.

This beta version allows players to test-drive the game before the official release, and it grants the Warhammer 40,000 Roleplay team a valuable resource in crafting the best product possible. The beta is a shortened version of the final core rulebook, and its layout and content are not representative of the final product. It has been condensed down to the rules necessary for playing through a complete campaign of Only War.

There are two main methods to submit feedback about this beta. First, they have created a special section on the FFG website for the beta that will be updated weekly with the latest news and game updates from the development team. There is a public forum where players can discuss the beta test with the other people involved, post questions and feedback, and read news updates from the Warhammer 40,000 Roleplay team. Second, you can submit any specific reports or feedback directly to the development team at the beta test e-mail address ( When submitting feedback via e-mail, it is most helpful if you consolidate multiple questions and comments into a single message, rather than sending a separate e-mail for each question or comment.

What constitutes useful feedback

Please provide precise, well thought out, and concise comments on specific issues that come up during your playtest sessions. Good feedback states the issue at hand and accurately cites page numbers and rules contradictions therein. We are primarily concerned with issues that affect gameplay, such as missing rules entries, examples that are inconsistent with the rules text, and balance or clarity issues.

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