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Putting a rulebook online for a board, card or other tabletop game is essentially like a video game maker giving a demo of the game in many ways. Now, if you’ve been contemplating whether or not you want to invest in The Sky Traders from Fantasy Flight Games, you can check out the gameplay rules before you throw down the cash.Sky Traders

The rules for Sky Traders (pdf, 11.3 MB), the board game of aerial commerce, are now available on the FFG support page.

Your Guide to the Trade Lanes

In this high-flying trading game, two to five players evade ruthless Wind Pirates as they cunningly manipulate the commodities market. Whether working with peers to enrich the economy for everyone or undermining rivals and pocketing the ill-gotten profit, these ambitious businessmen seek soaring profits as they jockey for the ultimate title: Master of the Sky Guild.

Since the dawn of the Age of Skyships, traders have competed for control of the lucrative trade lanes. To prevent this conflict from turning bloody, the mighty Sky Guild was formed. But like anything of value, it was only a matter of time before the Guild itself became the prize for the highly competitive Sky Traders! Now ruthless Sky Traders compete to become the Master of the Sky Guild! Cloud mining, negotiation, piracy, the black market…which route will make you the new ruler of the skies?

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