War Rock Overrun by Zombies

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Nexon Europe’s latest update for War Rock is now available. Including a new cooperative map, new items and new events, this update is the first of many hosted by Nexon Europe to include and involve the community in this fast-paced large scale shooter. zombies of war rock

Get to the Chopper – Fight off the zombie invasion on the new Co-op map ‘28th Street’. Your only hope to stop the infection is to save the crashing helicopter containing vital medical supplies that can cure the Zombie-Outbreak.

Fighting off the horde of zombies will not be an easy task, but the new Defense Package will definitely help. It contains new Camouflage, Bizon Pistol, Impact Wrench - which helps you defuse Bombs, and the all important – T-Bomb – the most amazing Life-Saver ever created!

Special Events To heighten the fun with the new Map, Nexon has organized Events for all to enjoy! Starting with the “Annihilation-Event”, Players are required to beat ‘28th Street’ within the “Hard-Mode”, the “Level Up-Event” where Users will be able to win up to 5 Costumes for the whole month, to the “Kill Count-Event”, specially tailored for competitive Players. There is something for everyone!

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