Dust 514 Beta 2 Goes Live One Day Early

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The first beta event for CCP’s upcoming free-to play MMO Shooter Dust 514 happened last dust 514 beta 2 goes liveweekend – Thursday 28th June – Sunday 2nd July. Huge amounts of players took the opportunity to experience the Dust universe through a single map.  This weekend, the Beta will run again with a new map added.

To celebrate Independence Day, the servers will be switched on a day early! The second Beta event will begin TODAY and is live NOW.

DUST 514 brings intense infantry combat, large scale warfare and rich character advancement to the PlayStation 3 in a system-exclusive free-to-play persistent shooter set in, and integrated with, the massive universe of EVE Online. Wage war in the next generation of first person shooters, where your next victory could prove the crushing blow to a galactic empire of thousands of online gamers.

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