Atlantean Civil War Brings Aquaman to DC Universe Online

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Civil war is breaking out in Atlantis and Aquaman (not the bearded buffoon of the Batman Bold & the Brave animated series, nor the wussie one from Super Friends) is fighting to his throne against Ocean Master. Take sides and enter the fray heroes!

Today, Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) unleashes the Tides of War Summer Seasonal Event, where the fight for the Atlantis crown has come to the surface in a fierce battle for all to witness. Players must choose a side and assist either Aquaman and his loyal Atlanteans or Ocean Master and Mutineers to victory.

Aquaman in the Atlantean Outpost

Tides of War offers players an all-new boss battle with up to four players, open world missions on the waters between Metropolis and Little Bohemia, Atlantean turrets throughout the map, and a slew of new rewards and item drops including Atlantean Suit appearance, Fisherman appearance and new pets! 

DCUO’s Tides of War is now available with Game Update 16 for a limited time. For more information visit:


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