The Dark Knight Rises in New Heroclix Online Figures

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HeroClix Online developers today announced the latest set to join the “Figure of the Week” program, showcasing over a half dozen all-new figures from DC Comics’ The Dark Knight heroclix onlineRises collection. The Dark Knight Rises Figure of the Week will run today through early September.

The full Heroclix Figure of the Week schedule

July 26-Aug. 1: Batman
Aug. 2-8: Bruce Wayne
Aug. 9-15: Catwoman
Aug. 16-22: Bane
Aug. 23-29: Rachel Dawes (from Batman Begins and The Dark Knight)
Aug. 30-Sept. 5: John Blake

During the Figure of the Week program, two individual figures from an upcoming set are made available weekly for a limited time.

The “Figure of the Week” program is intended to bring a constant flow of new content to the online game. During the “Figure of the Week” program, one or more individual figures that are completely new to HCO will be available each week (or almost every week).  Those new figures will be sold at a limited-time promotional price and then removed from the store when the next figures of the week are deployed.  If you miss them during their promotional week, however, don’t worry: we’ll always make sure that there is some means to collect those figures in the near future, typically in the form of Single-Figure Boosters.

More information on the Figure of the Week program can be found here.

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