G5 August New Releases for Android, Kindle Fire and iOS

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G5 Entertainment, today announced its August Gaming Lineup. They are launching a key G5 Augusthidden object puzzle adventure Nightmares from the Deep: The Cursed Heart, a bewitching – Tales from the Dragon Mountain: the Strix and an intriguing mystery – Bigfoot: Hidden Giant. The following list covers the games to be available in August:

Nightmares from the Deep: The Cursed Heart (iOS)

Dive into an epic journey as a museum owner in pursuit of an undead pirate who has kidnapped your daughter, taking her away in his ghost galleon. You quickly realize that the undead pirate is entangled in a tragic, centuries-old love story, and wants to resurrect his mistress with the youth’s life force. With danger lurking in every corner, you must act quickly to save the young girl’s life before it is too late.

More information:
The game is developed by Artifex Mundi and published by G5 Entertainment.

Tales from the Dragon Mountain: the Strix (iOS)

Haunted by one dream of the grandma’s house in flames, Mina takes a trip to her family’s estate in Pozoj. And so began what turned into the greatest adventure of her life!

More information:
The game is developed by Cateia Games and published by G5 Entertainment.

Bigfoot: Hidden Giant (iOS)

Follow Linda and track down the mysterious creature at Brownswood National Park, neighbor to the new Axeswim Chemical plant. Get to the bottom of the urban legend about Sasquatch in this striking hidden object tale Bigfoot: Hidden Giant.

More information:
The game is developed and published by G5 Entertainment under license from Joy Bits.

Department 42: The Mystery of the Nine (iOS)

Save humanity from a nightmarish future in this thrilling Hidden Object adventure! Join the secret Department 42 to track down the cursed and dangerous artifacts that vanished during a mysterious fire at the Grimstone Mansion.

More information:
The game is developed by Frogwares Games and published by G5 Entertainment.

Jane’s Zoo (iPad)

Help Jane feed and care for wild animals in this Time Management hit with millions of fans! Travel with Jane across Africa, Asia and Europe to save the animals and give them refuge.

More information:
The game is developed by Realore Studios and published by G5 Entertainment.

Lost Souls: Enchanted Paintings (Google Play, Kindle Fire, Nook)

When a mysterious painting of a spooky, old castle appears on the doorstep of Bella’s house, her happy and peaceful life crumbles to dust. Travel through enchanted paintings and rescue imprisoned Bella’s son in this amazing hidden-object adventure!

More information:
The game is developed and published by G5 Entertainment under license from Fenomen Games.

Youda Survivor (Nook)

Youda Survivor is a fresh and engaging time management game that’s fast, challenging, and, most importantly, fun. In the game, you will have to win over the hearts of the native tribe, obtain mystical tribal items with magical powers, learn rituals which you can use to control the weather and use special machines to advance in your quest. This frenzy adventure challenges you to prove that you have what it takes to survive anywhere and under any circumstances.

More information:
The game is developed and published by G5 Entertainment under license from Youda Games.

Supermarket Mania 2 (Nook)

Nikki and her friends Clarence, Wendy and Max are ready for a new adventure as they arrive in Tinseltown. Uncle Ross needs help with his troubled supermarket chain and Mr. Torg is plotting his revenge plans. Open new stores in busy downtown, in quiet suburbs, on sunny beaches, the ski resort and even in the tallest building in town!

More information:
The game is developed and published by G5 Entertainment.

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