Chillingo Weekly iOS Release Update

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Today, Chillingo announced the release of two new titles. Commando Jack is an action-packed tower defense game that puts players in control. Funny Wood is an enchanting hidden object adventure in a magical woodland world filled with animated envorinments to from chillingo

Commando Jack

Aliens thought they could take the planet with little resistance. They didn’t count on a close encounter with Commando Jack, Earth’s greatest hero. This action-packed tower defense puts gamers behind Jack’s powerful turret so once the towers have been placed, they can join the battle by unloading round after round into the marching monsters. This point-of-view action adds a fantastic new wrinkle to the genre. Loaded with humor and character, Commando Jack is an excellent hybrid of tower defense and first-person shooter that will please gamers of many stripes.

Developer: Colossal Games
Price: $.99

Funny Wood and Funny Wood HD

Magical Mossy just received a distress call from deep in the forest. Help Mossy and his cadre of woodland friends follow the call and rescue those in need by solving hidden object scenes. Unlike many static hidden object games, Funny Wood comes alive with brightly animated scenes full of things to touch and explore. Funny Wood is a fresh option for hidden object fans, too, as it’s inviting for all ages thanks to fun characters and a cartoony atmosphere.
Developer: Leshiki Studio
Price: $.99
iPhone and iPod touch:

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