Dark Blood Act III Sees Zombie Apocalypse

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Dark Blood, the hit free-to-play dark Dark Bloodfantasy MMO arcade brawler, delighted its community overnight with a level cap raise to Level 40 and a thrilling map expansion that includes deep exploration of the mythic Quern Castle, its possessed dungeons, mobs and bosses. It is the castle from the tutorial where players train under unrelenting attacks, where poisonous gas turns knights into whacked out zombies, and goblins and one eyed monsters with a lot of personality trapse across dramatic cliffs and marsh intent on claiming flesh and soul.

Other improvements coming with Act III

Chat Filter
Released certain restrictions on chat filter to make normal conversation between players easier.
Added certain strings to the chat filter to reduce spamming problem.
Joystick Mode Improvement
Improved joystick detection.
Fixed issue where moving up resulted in turning around in certain situations. 
Character Body Type Implementation
Fixed issue where certain body types were not properly implemented upon character creation.
Level Cap
Level cap increased to level 40
This enables certain skill levels which were not previously available.
Act 3 Dungeons
Addition of 8 new dungeons along with 8 new bosses and over 250 new quests.
Dungeons include the Basement, Garden, Fiest Level, and Second Level of Quern Outer Castle. See what other maps are available in game!
Minor Text Updates
Changed some minor text issues.
In : PC

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