Rise of the Runelords Pre-painted Miniatures Set for Pathfinder Battles Ready for Action

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Paizo have announced that the Rise of the Runelords set for Pathfinder Battles line is waiting in their warehouse and ready to strike a pose on your battlemat! Celebrating our tenth anniversary paizo battlesetswith the updated and improved Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Edition Hardcover, as well as miniatures that would come into your game, steal all of your pickles, then set your favorite tavern on fire.

From iconic needle-toothed pyromaniac goblins to uniquely Golarion creatures like the sinspawn and Shining Child, the Pathfinder Battles: Rise of the Runelords set is full of high quality miniatures for your game. Available in multiple configurations, from booster to brick to case, you’ll get just about every miniature you need to run this Adventure Path, from start to finish. Don’t forget, if you opt to subscribe to the Pathfinder Battles Case Subscription, you’ll get a chance to grab by far one of the meanest bad guys in the entire adventure—the Rune Giant (or as I like to call him, "Mr. Big")!

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