Beware of Ukash ransomeware virus

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The Ukash virus is still attacking thousands  of computers every day! This was proved after a series of mass attacks to numerous gamers` computers. This was reported by security specialists, who are shocked by the quickly growing number of infected  PCs. Although this computer virus has already demonstrated how dangerous and aggressive it is, this time it marks a new peak in the number of compromised machines all over the world. It seems that game-lovers are the new target of this malicious and almost unstoppable computer infection.

During the last days, the Ukash virus infection is back, and it does not stay patiently waiting to be downloaded to some computer. This time it aggressively and without any shame it attacks maybe one of the largest groups of computers – these machines that belong to gamers. Users who often play games are exposed to the risk of finding their computers locked after unexpected infection with the Ukash virus. The virus is transferred to targeted PCs together with fake video codecs which are misleadingly shown as necessary codecs to view some video about a famous game. Among the well-known and reliable names of the games which are known to be used by hackers as camouflage for their malicious intentions are known to be Neverwinter, StarCraft II, AfterWorld, Dark Ages and some others.
Security specialists comment that probably gamers are misled into downloading the Ukash virus to their PCs by fishy game videos. These videos pretend to hide interesting moments of these well-known and favourite games. However, the video says that unless a special codec is downloaded, the user will not be able to watch its content. This is how people are tricked into downloading the compromised video codec, which infects their machines and causes serious troubles.

The next step of the deceitful and really harmful infection is to sneak into the targeted machine and hide deep into the system. It waits for the user to reboot the PC and then it takes control over the machine. When Windows is loaded again, the whole system is locked and the user of the computer cannot see his Desktop, he cannot use any programs on the computer, and he is unable to access his files and folders. Practically, the machine is locked, and the only thing that is seen on it is a message that pretends to be sent by the police, saying that the user is accused of spreading copyrighted content.

To unlock their PCs, users are told to pay a fee of $100. Otherwise, the computer will not be unlocked, and the person will be accused of spreading illegal content. The message is created in such a way that it looks frightening and pushes users on paying the fee.

This is not at all the first time the infection has been detected. The Ukash virus has been threatening computers for a long time, and till now it has infected millions of computers all over the world. According to the country in which it compromises computers the virus changes its language and interface, as well as its name. The infection has been also seen as Metropolitan Police Ukash Virus, FBI Moneypak and Canadian Security Intelligence Service Virus. Every time it infects a PC the virus acts in one and the same way – it locks the system and asks the user to pay a fee to unlock it.

For the moment specialists from leading security companies do not know if this virus can be stopped, but they believe that the number of infected computers can be reduced dramatically if users pay special attention to security-related problems. This is very important for gamers, because, as the latest information shows, the number of infected computers that belong to gamers is rising. Of course, these rules are also applicable to other PC users.

Experts say that if people do not visit insecure web pages that may have compromised or malicious content, this will make it more difficult for hackers to transfer their infections to computers. Moreover, people should avoid downloading unknown programs, updates or codecs from insecure sources. Users should always have a reliable and effective security tool installed on their machines, and they have to schedule regular scans of their PCs to be sure that there are no infected files or system threats.
Security specialists believe that although the Ukash virus is a really aggressive and dangerous infection, if these security rules are observed more strictly, there will  be less infected computers. Experts advise people to make everything possible to protect their machines from this scam tool, because otherwise it can easily gain access to their personal information and passwords and steal their money.

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